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Legal Notice

Presentation of the site:

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for the Confidence in the digital economy, known as LCEN, we bring to the attention of users and visitors of the site: www.emir-store.com the following information:

Legal information:

Owner status: Company
Prefix: SAS
Company Name: EMIR STORE
SIRET: 82257484400012 R.C.S: MARSEILLE
Intra-Community VAT number: FR21822574844
Email address: emirstore1437@gmail.com

The creator of the site is: EMIR STORE
The person responsible for the publication is: EMIR STORE
Contact the publisher: emirstore1437@gmail.com
The person responsible for the publication is a natural person

The Webmaster is: Emir Store
Contact the Webmaster: emirstore1437@gmail.com
The host of the site is: 1 & 1 Internet SARL
CREDITS: the legal notices have been generated by legal notice

Description of services provided:
The purpose of the www.emir-store.com website is to provide information on all of the company’s activities.
The owner of the site strives to provide on the site www.emir-store.com information as accurate as possible. However, he cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, whether by him or the third-party partners who provide this information.
All information offered on the site www.emir-store.com are indicative, are not exhaustive, and are subject to change. They are given subject to modifications having been made since they went on line.

Description of the services provided:

The website www.EMIR-store.com is designed to provide information about all of the organisation’s activities.

The website owner endeavours to provide as accurate information as possible on the website www.EMIR-store.com. However, it cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or updating failures, whether by its own action or from third parties who have provided the information.

All the information provided on the website www.EMIR-store.com  is for information only, is not exhaustive and is subject to change. It is provided subject to changes having been made after publication.

Intellectual property and infringements:

The website owner owns the intellectual property rights or has rights of use over all the available elements on the site, in particular text, images, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, software…

Any reproduction, portrayal, modification, publication, complete or partial adaptation of any elements of the site, by whatever means or process used, is prohibited without prior written authorisation by email:  EMIRstore1437@gmail.com.

Any unauthorised use of the site or any of the elements within will be considered to constitute an infringement and acted upon in accordance with the provisions of article L.335-2 and the subsequent articles of the Intellectual Property Code.

Hyperlinks and cookies:

The website www.EMIR-store.com  contains a certain number of hyperlinks to other sites (partners, information…) used with the authorisation of the site owner. However, the site owner cannot verify the content of sites visited through these links and takes no responsibility for any potential risk of illegal content.

The user is informed that during visits to the site www.EMIR-store.com, one or more cookies may be installed automatically on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small file which does not identify the user, but which saves information related to the computer’s navigation on a website. The data obtained through this is used to facilitate subsequent navigation on the site, and also to enable various measures of visitor rates.

The navigation software settings alert the user to the presence of a cookie and enable them to be blocked, as described on the following website:  www.cnil.fr

Blocking cookie installation can prevent access to certain services. However, the user can configure his computer in the following way, to block cookie installation:

In Internet Explorer: tool bar/ internet options. Click on Privacy and choose Block all cookies. Click on Ok.

In Netscape: edit tab/preferences. Click on Advanced and choose Deactivate cookies. Click on Ok.

Protection of property and people – management of personal data :

User: web user connecting, using the abovenamed site www.EMIR-store.com

In France, personal data is protected by law n˚ 78-87 of 6 January 1978, law n˚ 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive of 24 October 1995.

On the site www.EMIR-store.com, the site owner only collects personal information about the user for certain services offered by the site www.EMIR-store.com. The user knowingly provides this information, particularly when inputting the data himself. Therefore, the obligation is on the user of the site www.EMIR-store.com whether or not to provide this information.

In accordance with the provisions of article 38 and subsequent articles of law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, to files and freedoms, all users have the right of access, rectification, deletion and objection to their personal data. To exercise this right, address your request to www.EMIR-store.com by email: webmaster email or by sending a signed written request, accompanied by a copy of a personal ID with the signature of the holder, and providing the reply address.

No personal data about site users of www.EMIR-store.comcan be unwittingly published, exchanged, transferred or sold. Only in the event of the sale of the site www.EMIR-store.com to the site owner and his rights would the transmission of the mentioned information be allowed to the future owner who would then be under the same obligation of storage and modification of the data of the user of the site www.EMIR-store.com.

Databases are protected by the provisions of the law of 1 July 1998 through directive 96/9 of 11 March 1996 relating to the legal protection of databases.

If you use our Legal Notices you are obliged provide a link crediting us : www.generer-mentions-legales.com

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